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Links (2/22/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on February 22, 2009

  1. Storing a collection of objects in the hierarchical object store
  2. Using SPListItem.UpdateOverwriteVersion
  3. Why You Need Reflector: SPList.DefaultView
  4. Instantiate a Content Type
  5. Create SPFieldLookup programatically
  6. SharePoint Development Best Practices (Summary)
  7. Hard to find error creating SPWeb through API
  8. Search a single list, and don’t use the OSSSearchResults.aspx page…
  9. SPTDD: On Good Vs. Testable Code
  10. A Sign the Farm is Quiescent
  11. Making Your Central Search Center Available to All Users
  12. InfoPath and Visual Studio Workflows – 3 Great Tricks (2 of 3)
  13. Why ADWS will not work with dropdowns on browser-enabled forms
  14. Expanding the Size of Announcements Web Part
  15. MOSS Solutions and Features in Deployments ( Part 3 )
  16. Setting Up a Virtual Lab with Hyper-V
  17. SharePoint Analyzer v1.3 Preview
  18. Thinking Functional: Using
  19. Some advice for SharePoint Community Bloggers to up their game!
  20. Creating a SharePoint A-Team for your organization
  21. Using SharePoint to engage teens without web 2.0
  22. VSeWSS 1.3 CTP – why does it require SQL access?
  23. SharePoint CAML Query builder dialog for your Web Parts
  24. Show your Twitter log in SharePoint
  25. SharePoint Content vs. Code – A Parable
  26. Handling Paging and Total Results count in SharePoint custom results page
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