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Links (10/4/2009)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on October 4, 2009


  1. SharePoint Search: Improving the Relevancy of Search Results
  2. Editing SharePoint pages with IE8 driving you crazy with warning popups?
  3. How to export and reuse the Data View Web Part
  4. Creating a SharePoint List Parent / Child Relationship – Out of the Box
  5. Web Page Thumbnails in Your SharePoint Lists
  6. Enter Key Does Not Submit Search in MOSS 2007 from Firefox
  7. Developing an Employee Spotlight Web Part for SharePoint (Part 2 of 2)
  8. Extending Lookup Fields with “Add new item” option
  9. Mikey’s Favorite SharePoint Freebies!
  10. SharePoint’s Branding Limitations, Part 1
  11. SharePoint’s Branding Limitations, Part 2
  12. SharePoint’s Branding Limitations, Part 3
  13. SharePoint’s Branding Limitations, Part 4
  14. Make SharePoint 2007 Act Like SharePoint 2010, Updated
  15. InfoPath Forms submission to a SharePoint Library – Part 1
  16. InfoPath Forms submission to a SharePoint Library – Part 2
  17. Free SharePoint Organizational Chart WebPart – SimpleChart for SharePoint
  18. How we did it: Speeding up SharePoint.Microsoft.com
  19. Suppose We Don’t Dispose
  20. Hide Content Place Holder Programmatically
  21. SharePoint Standards – Indeed, Context is Important
  22. Custom Site Definition Alternative
  23. SharePoint and Records Management: Part 2 of 4
  24. “Web-Enabled” Projects and F5 Debugging with SharePoint
  25. Send to… Other Location feature, MOSS & Office clients
  26. SharePoint Best Practices – Context is Everything
  27. Sample Walkthrough of the DR.DADA Approach to SharePoint
  28. Creating mailing lists for SharePoint sites and blogs [No Code Required] – Part 2: Creating a custom subscription form
  29. Display Related items in Display Form Page
  30. Reduce Development Costs by platforming on SharePoint
  31. Troubleshooting Solution (.wsp) Deployment
  32. SharePoint – setting a default duration for new Calender Events


  1. Highlights & Events: Silverlight Solves a Lot of Problems
  2. Choosing a Data Access Layer for Silverlight 3
  3. Silverlight Spy 3 – great runtime inspector tool for Silverlight
  4. A “Default Command” for Silverlight
  5. Starter Kits available for SketchFlow and Behaviors
  6. New Silverlight Training Offered on MSDEV
  7. Creating a Skinnable Custom Control in Silverlight 3 – Part I
  8. SilverBullet #11 – SyndicationFeed
  9. Making HTTP Post with Silverlight a little easier
  10. Drill Down Charts with the Silverlight Toolkit
  11. Behaviors vs Subclassing in Silverlight
  12. Helpful extension methods for Show / Hide animations in Silverlight
  13. DataTemplateSelector in Silverlight
  14. Silverlight TagCloud Now on CodePlex
  15. Niagara’s Validation DSL – First Pass
  16. Learn Expression Blend in a Month!
  17. What is Silverlight and Expression Blend
  18. Setting up your work space in Blend
  19. Importing artwork from other tools into Blend
  20. My Favorite Silverlight Extensions APIs – Part 1
  21. Tool Shed Tooltip #27 – Expression Blend 3 – Behaviors published
  22. How Silverlight 3 Validation Works
  23. Silverlight Screencast – How to create a Resource Dictionary
  24. Silverlight 3 Custom Sorting with Paging Support
  25. Silverlight (3) ComboBox binding made easy.
  26. Silverlight 3 and Flash: iPhone Dragging Effect
  27. Silverlike.net – A Free Silverlight Controls Directory
  28. Image pre-fetch using Silverlight

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